Quality Policy

Quality: new techniques, good quality; excellent pursuit,science management
Environment: environmental protection,safe production; energy saving,law-abiding
  The company trains all its staff to be self-disciplined,law-abiding and policy-abiding All staff has to save energy by doing lights off on leaving, engine off on leaving and energy off on leaving.All staff has to work with sincerity and high spirits. They have to follow instructions step by step to achieve safety production. They have to learn new production skills,improve production methods and bring in new ideas.Bear in mind the importance of work safety, products quality,technique creativity and environmental-friendly concept.
  They have to set up good quality control system,achieve science management, upgrade their awareness of quality environment,and execute effective management, periodical check on quality environmental control effectiveness to bring unceasing improvement. In this way, they can provide the best products and service to their clients and enhance their competitiveness.