Compay Profile


     Hefa Packaging Products Company Limited, a Hong Kong-run enterprise, founded in Shenzhen in 1990, specializes in the production of plastic packaging products. With its twenty-one-year operation experience, the company has excelled others in the same field for its valuable experience, sophisticated technology, creative mechanism, advanced machinery and reliable number of celebrity clients.

     After achieving its stronghold in South China, the company seeks further development. In 2011, the Jiashan Ying Fat Packaging Products Company was set up in Jiashan of Zhejiang to extend its business into Central China and expand its scale of production. The company also brings great convenience to both produce production areas and distribution area of clients. In this way, the transportation fee and time as well as the risks involved are greatly reduced.

     In 2015, to extend its scale of production and to bring reforms to its management policy, the company moved to Dongguan with the name of Dongguan Hefa Packaging Products Company Limited. The move aims to consolidate experience and bring reforms. This is to keep and strengthen the existing good production techniques and experience at the same time, to bring forth comprehensive innovation, improvement and betterment.

     With the development of technology and industry, Hefa undergoes a new era of 4D production. The merging of resources, information, objects and manpower results in intelligent integration production. The company brings in a new generation of computer, advanced machinery, central control system, self-sensored system to achieve comprehensive automation, data processing and intelligent production.

     In 2016, the company carried out reforms on ISO9001 quality management system and started the full implementation of ISO4000 environmental management system. Through the department of the National Industrial Production Permit, the company obtained the national permit for the production of food plastic packaging containers and cutlery.

     In view of the unceasing increase of food problem, the company sets up the Dust-free zone for the production of food and medical packaging. The products can be used safely on food and medical packaging. This brings about the quality guarantee of the packaging products, meets the national hygiene standard as well as winning the trust of the clients.

     The company is committed to PE, PET hollow molding plastic packaging products market. The PE department adopts centralized resources, internalized molding, visual defects sensor testing system, rotating negative ions wind-blown refuse conveyor belt, multi-squeezing machinery for providing 100mL to 25L PE buckets for multi-purpose plastic packaging containers. The company also owns a preset pressure self-sensor leakage, self-adhesive, self-examined and self-packaged facilities. The products meet the strict requirements of the car lubricant oil packaging and different kinds of chemical products packaging.

      Hefa has put efforts on promoting environmental protection and quality integrated management. In response to national policy, the company is heading for becoming a low-carbon enterprise. The company applies reasonable use of resources and energy, consumes decomposed and recycled raw materials and uses reusable appliances. In this way, the company saves energy, minimizes consumption and develops biodegradable materials. The ultimate aim is to create Hefa into a brandname and strives towards the path of environment friendly packaging production.