Early in 2002, we obtained ISO 9001, the year 2000 version of International Quality Permit. 
  In 2016, the company upgraded ISO9001, the 2015 version of International Quality Permit. In the same year, the company gained ISO1400, the 2015 version of International Environment Management Permit and as National Food by-products Production Permit. The products of the company meet the national standard as well as the European ROHS. In addition to the adoption of the ISO14000:2015 version of the international standard environmental management system certification
1.new environmental PE, PET material is the key to the development future plastic packaging industry, and we are on the mark and started to protect our future.
2.solar power are using not only energy saving but also save cost and good to environment.
3.the whole plant are using LED light , not only energy saving but also less heat generated to production line.
4.the company strictly abide by environmental protection policy , not only wasted plastic material recycling but also strictly follow the regulation of pollutant emissions.